We at RGR Technologies have successfully designed, developed, manufactured and tested 80NB Class 600 and 500NB Class 900 swing check valves for the oil and gas industry adding a new product to our extensive product range.

A prototype swing check valve was built and extensively researched and developed resulting in the successful manufacture of 80 NB class 600 and 500 NB class 900 swing check valves. The swing check valves have been designed to comply with API 6D and API 594. The design includes fire safe seals which were tested in accordance to API 6FD and API 607. The fire testing results proved the design was ready for the Oil and Gas industry ensuring the design would operate safely. RGR Technologies prides itself in performing its own research and development which includes special design verification tests to ensure a product meets our customer’s needs.

Both sizes were made of cast ASTM A216 WCC material and were sourced locally from foundries used by RGR Technologies. The castings were produced under strict quality requirements that included EN ISO 10204 3.2 certification, radiographic examination, product analysis, magnetic particle examination, tensile and impact testing to all casting ensuring the material met all the customer requirements. RGR Technologies made use of sub-contractors to assist with the machining of the large, 2.9 Ton bodies. The other items were machined in house using manual and CNC machines. We were able to ensure complete traceability of all materials throughout the manufacturing process and our quality controller thoroughly inspected each component to the manufacturing drawings created by RGR Technologies engineering department.

The valves were tested in accordance to API 6D and achieved a zero visible leakage. The testing was witnessed by a third party inspector as per the request of the customer and to ensure we complied to the PER and SANS 347.

The customer required a high quality coating for the coastal environment where these valves would be installed. RGR Technologies identified a painting sub-contractor with the correct facilities to perform the coating application and developed them further to meet the coating requirements of the customers specification. We were happy with the results and the development of the subcontractor proved to be a success.

The new product was developed out of the requirements of the customer for a high quality valve to meet their specifications, international specifications and to meet the local content. We are proud to say we have met all these requirements and deem this project a success!