About Us


For over 20 years, RGR has been delivering effective solutions for all multifaceted valve requirements.  As a producer of robust and durable valves not only for South African and African industries but also through its growing out-of-Africa markets, RGR has made a name for itself as a business that offers its customers the best quality products together with unique project solutions.



RGR commits to treating each project according to its own unique considerations and individual requirements.


RGR believes in offering optimal design solutions from concept to manufacture.


Our expertise lies in tailor-making solutions that include trunnion, floating ball and check valves in various configurations as well as valve automation packages.


RGR prides itself on delivering the right product and the ideal solution for your specific needs.


RGR has up-to-date manufacturing equipment including CNC machining centers, ball grinders, specialised and multitasking CNC machines and product testing equipment.

Using 3D design capabilities, coupled with efficient production processes, RGR produces durable high-quality products. The company strives to ensure that each valve coming off its production line maintains consistent levels of quality and performance in the toughest conditions.

RGR is proud that all RGR valves are 100% South African manufactured. Each product is backed by the expertise of a team of highly skilled professionals, who are on hand to offer the best pre- and post-sales service and technical advice.

A drive to constantly improve the quality of our products and customer service is deeply entrenched in the RGR philosophy. RGR adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which requires regular audits and inspections of our manufacturing and quality assurance procedures. Each valve coming off our production line is stringently tested to ensure continued product excellence.


RGR’s staff is the bedrock of our success and are proudly motivated by a commitment to loyalty, passion and dedication!

RGR knows that its strength is dependent on the quality and expertise of its people. Through individual staff assessments, RGR provides an environment for individual growth opportunities for all of its employees and is committed to on-going and rigorous skills training; guaranteeing quality manufacturing and service excellence at all times.