Series PC-B

(Petrochemical/Power Generation)

Severe Service Ball Valves for the Petrochemical/Power Generation Industry

RGR TECHNOLOGIES manufactures one piece and two piece ball valves for severe service applications such as high pressure and high temperature steam, process fluids, highly abrasive slurries, viscous and corrosive liquids and many other applications where conventional valves cannot work.


PC Series – B8 and B9 Ball Valves have the following features:

  • Ball and Seats are coated with a hard metal applied by  the HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) process
  • Blow out proof Stem
  • Live loaded Gland Packing
  • Machined stops for accurate open and closed positioning
  • Forged body components
  • Important components are Nitrided to improve wear     resistance
  • Lever and Actuator operated.
  • Complies with ASME B16.34 limited class requirements
  • Socket weld ends comply with ASME B16.11

Advantages of Ball Valves over Globe and Gate Valves:

  • Ball Valves have a quicker quarter-turn, rotary motion to open and close compared to the linear, in and out motion of Globe and Gate valves. This reduces friction and wear in the packing area. The linear motion of the stem in Globe and Gate valves can allow process fluid and solid particles to damage the gland seal and cause leaks.
  • The ball valve has a straight flow path through the bore of the valve. Globe valves have a convoluted flow path past the plug and the seat and are subjected to turbulence and high wear.
  • The ball of the ball valve is in contact with the seat sealing face when the valve is fully open. This protects the seat faces from erosion. The Globe valve plug and seat are continually exposed to erosion when the valve is open.
  • Ball valves are not prone to valve seizure due to thermal shock. The seat and ball expand or contract at the same rate and the belville spring ensures ball to seat contact at all times.
  • Ball valves utilizes the fluid pressure to assist with sealing when the valve is closed. Globe valves and some Gate valves require an external force to keep the Globe or Gate in contact with the seat.