Series PR

(Flexible Sleeve Control Valve)

Flexible Sleeve Control Valve for Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Applications

The PR series flexible sleeve control valve is designed to control and maintain either downstream or upstream pressure. The unique design uses a metallic core to support a rubber tube. System pressure is bled off where it can pressurise the jacket (cavity between rubber tube and body) or bleed off jacket pressure.
This basic principle will allow the rubber sleeve to either expand of contract controlling line pressure.

This unique valve design allows for higher flows rates and high fluid velocities up to 6m/s.

Sizes available:

DN25 to DN150 – PN20 to PN150 (1” to 6” – Class 150 to Class 900)

DN200 to DN300 – PN20 to PN50 (8” to 12” – Class 150 to Class 300)

The main body and plates are must from carbon steel and zinc plated while the flexible tube is made from Nitrile. Other materials are available per customer request.

The PR series is a versatile valve. By changing the valves configuration, the same valve can be used in different applications.

Low Pressure Pilot Operated

The PR series valve can be fitted with a low pressure (0 – 40 Bar), brass pilot for pressure reducing and sustaining applications. The configuration is self-contained and does not require modifications to piping.

High Pressure Pilot Operated

The PR series valve can be fitted with the RGR high pressure (0 – 120 Bar), stainless steel pilot for pressure reducing and pressure sustaining applications. The RGR pilot operates with a sense line which is installed either upstream or downstream of the PR series valve. This configuration offers finer pressure control and less pressure fluctuations.

Accumulator Operated

The PR series valve can be fitted with an external accumulator tank for surge relief applications. The RGR accumulator tank is specifically designed to fit the PR series valve and can be customised should a customer need it to be installed elsewhere.

Special Arrangements

For applications which require pressure drops greater than 4:1, a special dual stage configuration is used. The PR series valve with the RGR pilot is used in conjunction with a surge relief that is setup to provide a fixed pressure drop.

RGR Technologies has the ability to design and fabricate pressure reducing stations using the PR series valves. Pressure reducing stations can be customized to suit the customer needs and can include strainers, isolation valve (manual or actuated), surge reliefs, instrumentation, ETC.

Contact RGR Technologies for more information about the options and other configurations available.